Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush

HAHA! I dont even know what does that significant figure doing on the of top this tab.

WELL! I wasnt really a fan of this kinda thingy, when it comes to talk about ex's because I dont feel comfortable to explain the why's they became an ex.

HAH! there you go, the X and Y.

Well, I should say trust is most the important thing when it come to a relationship. There aint love with no trust, because every 'precious' moment will just be a waste. And when there is trust there is love. GAH!! why did I just keep saying that. *AWKWARD*

well as for love, never ever ever never ever never ever put someone as your priority when they only define you as an option. AHAH!

but remember this:
1. LOVE ALLAH and everything will be fine
2. LOVE RASULULLAH, for he is the messenger of ALLAH
3. LOVE your UMMI
4. LOVE your mama
5. LOVE your ibu
6. LOVE your father/baba/abah or whatsoever :)
7. LOVE the one who really loves you for what you are.

there you have it. some typical guidance oh. LAWLS.

P/s: you knew it already. I'm just sayin.

Well, get rid of those X for there will never be a Y.

teehee :))

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