Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 3 — Your parents

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtere,

SHEAH! Without them, just who am I? what am I? the person who are mostly responsible for bringing me here up surface. The one that I lay my eyes on the most through my whole life,

who are they?

they are non other than my parents :)

My abi:
Name: Abdul Rahman bin Ahmat
Age : errr... 2010-1963=X ..ohh ya 47
Occupation: serve the 10 of us.HAHA. kidding. something related to NGO (whats a ngo actually? I should google that up later =____=)
Status: What status? facebook?=_____=, in a relationship
Description: He's white.(thats all yo need to know.HAHA)

My ummi:
Name: Nur Khamimah binti Daud
Age : ten times five, minus four :)
Occupation: a house Sergeant, tokey emas(HAHA)
Status: same as abi
Description: She's a sweet chocolate.(direct translation I see)

Well me?
I'm grey. pullstop.

Without further gibberish talking(HAHA), let the pictures tell the story.

sekian, al terimahun kasihun.

p/s: Ive told you I was grey! XD

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