Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 6 — A stranger

I get to meet strangers every time I'm not here, sitting/wasting my time/lurking for pictures...GAH! you name it! I'm kinda indoor person but that doesnt make me a geek.

LAWLS, what the heck I'm sayin.

Everybody was a stranger for me, after that you get to know each other and you'll be friends if he/she does fit into your criteria.*sigh*

As a result I have a total of 30billions minus 29.999999billions friends whole wide world!

Its kind a learning process when you started get to meet people, greet them nicely, show them youre delightful manners and so on, bring on the good quality in you...and yes! some people do take advantage on your kindness but somehow as time pass by, you'll get to learn human.

Sometimes a total stranger catch my wink, but hey, its their fault to be so attractive. I just cant bare it when my eyes started to stare. AHH! too much info hear. Well some people get to know people and turns a total stranger into their love ones. (GAH! been there done that). yA YA!! if its people were talking its not gonna get ugly.

and some people...ahh thats it. you have you own words for a stranger.

I am myself a total stranger to those who doesnt get to know me that well. But if we'll loosen up a bit. We'll get along fo' sho'. teehee.

To all those strangers I'm

HAHA, there you have it. cheers~

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