Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 4 —Your sibling (or closest relative)


weehoo! its a sunday! night =___=

For a record I went to a kenduri today, and it was a worth to attend kenduri. A special event dedicated to my second cousins, it was her wedding day!! WOOT! its like a combination of hilarious, sad, love, friendly, ex and why's :P. overall it was a THUMBSUP event. congratulations both of you EPPA & EPPI :))

okay WAY of topic! todays topic my sibling oh. OK FYI I have overall TEN siblings
and their names are as follow:

1. Saifullah bin Abdul Rahman
2. Nur Syahidah binti Abdul Rahman
3. Nurul Sakinah binti Abdul Rahman
4. Nadhirah binti Abdul Rahman
5. Ahmad Faris bin Abdul Rahman
6. Hassanuddin bin Abdul Rahman
7. Mohammad Yaseer bin Abdul Rahman
8. Abdul Hakeem bin Abdul Rahman
9. Ahmad Bukhary bin Abdul Rahman
10. Shareefuddin bin Abdul Rahman

well, for now thats the list. theres still 2 spot below to full in the wish list.HAHA

so, ummi and abi, CHAIYO CHAIYO! XD (you can do it)*pengsan*

And as a typical sibling
for that to show our real/a very transparent heart we always:
1. throwing toys at others when we fell bored
2. calling their names without any purpose *this is 100% annoying, do try!*
3. laughing anonymously to each other
4. play hide and seek, and let them hide so that we can go online with extra time.
5. lock each others room, so nobody can enter the bedroom (sleep in the living) *lesson: to be fair enough when they started to fight bout stuff*
6. play dumb when others ask us question
7. pretending to be sleeping when they call for a garbage chore
8. pretending to vomit when the food is recommendedly delicious, so others wont eat. *being greedy*
9. 'kiwi-ing' their white school shoes :D
and some other 'lovely' trick.

our recent eid picture *I guess* :))

and we're living happily ever after


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