Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 5 — Your dreams

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

SHEA! gotta <3 that quote.

heck yeah! everybody's are dreamers. and dont ever falter to say you're not cause you are!.

how could people live they life without nothing to hold on?

some say hold on to your dreams and all will be fine.(Insya'Allah)

Since I was a young,

I'm kinda person that who live with nonperpetual dreams, and it feels like a refugees on the deserted island. IM MAROONED ON MY OWN ISLAND!

I dream:
1. to be somebody that can hold on to any problems
2. to be a good friend with everybody
3. to fly high with no wings
4. to slide across the rainbow
5. to have a room full of BUENO.(OHH, gotta love this one <3)
6. to be young forever. (LAWLS)
7. to have an IPAD.HAHA
8. to have a driving license
9. to have an understanding wife.(solehah)
10. to talk fluently in front of others
11. to have no stage fright
12. to have my own money.( coming soon!)
13. to travel all over the world
14. to spread the words of ISLAM
15. to shine brighter than anybody
16. to have beautiful children
17. to sing a gee cover.HAHA
18. to have a mini cooper
19. to have a robot servant
20. to have a family restaurant (my mom's)
20. to be in heaven :)

NGEE! quite some dream list ohh?

well, dreams are not meant to be in a list forever, somehow we have to work on to achieve our dreams.

I have achieved some of mine. YEAY me!

and you should be lurking for yours.

Theres always time, chase for your dream because thats what you are truly into.

teehee. thanks for having your time here.

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